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Is your body actually absorbing and utilizing all that water you make sure to drink everyday? 

Does your water have a high healing energy content to help you hydrate for optimal health? 

Some of the first signs of dehydration are feeling thirsty, lightheaded, and tired. What if I told you no matter how much water you are drinking, you may still be dehydrated?

No matter how healthy and filtered your drinking water is, if it doesn’t have the energy it needs, your cells won’t use it the way they should. Have you heard of viiWater? 

What is viiWater?

viiWater allows your cells to easily absorb the water you drink and bring you a sense of well-being and balance. You also benefit from an intention as you tie one of our beautiful hand crafted bamboo and pure copper intention bands, of your choice, onto your glass bottle. 

viiWater is a renewable, natural, and easy way to put healing energy and intention into your drinking water. v.i.i. means vibrational internal intentions.

How does it work?

Step 1: Renew and Energize

When you put water in our beautiful violet glass bottle and in direct sunlight for 1 hour, it is infused with healing energy from the sun. Violet glass works like a natural filter only allowing the healing infra-red and UVA sun rays to get through the glass.  It’s the only glass that reflects the harmful sun rays only allowing healing rays through the glass. You can see in the pictures that it looks black because it is such a dark color of violet. We receive benefits from the color Violet as well. It is known as the highest vibrating color on the color spectrum and for its qualities of a sense of well-being. Your water is now absorbable and can be utilized in your cells giving you energy and vitality.

Step 2: Intention and Balance

What is your intention for the day? Success, Joy, Love, Prosperity, Faith? It has been scientifically proven that water has a memory and will vibrate at a frequency of whatever we label our water container with. Our body is mostly made up of water so when we drink a certain frequency our whole body will vibrate to that frequency. We offer 10 different intentions engraved on our beautiful hand crafted intention bands that tie around your clear glass water bottle. 


When the process of putting the violet glass in the sun and using the clear bottle with an intention band is done, your clear glass water bottle becomes a perfect balance of nature, thus balancing and harmonizing the water and your energy systems. We use the 5 Chinese elements to do this, Sun, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal. These are the elements that make up all of nature as well as our core energies. They are part of who we are and must be balanced to help us with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual things. The sun energy is the FIRE element, water for WATER element, the glass bottle made of silica and sand is EARTH, the intention band made of high quality bamboo is the WOOD, and pure copper with rivets is used to tie the band on, for the METAL element. 

“Water records information, and while circulating throughout the earth distributes information. This water sent from the universe is full of the information of life…”
― Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water

Try out our products

Try out our products

Try out our products


Julie Carlisle is a life mastery coach and energy healer who’s message and purpose is to raise the vibration of humanity. She has been passionate about drinking energized water since the day her Qi-gong mentor pointed out that she was not absorbing most of the water she was drinking. 

Since 1999, when she had a health crisis, Julie has been very adamant about avoiding soda and any kind of juice. In fact she only drinks water and her morning cup of Crio Bru, a form of Cacao. So when she received this news about not absorbing her water, she was a bit devastated. Her mentor showed her a way to add energy to the water using her hands. Once her body could actually absorb the water and she was adequately hydrated, she realized how much better her mind and body actually functioned. Later she found Dr. Masoro Emoto and his experiment on water crystals. This started her new passion of putting intentions on her water as well as the energy.

viiWater was born through her husband Jack and his creative innovations. He wanted to help Julie be able to offer a product to her clients, one that was easy, renewable, and friendly to the planet. A product that could incorporate energy and intentions for drinking water. He found violet glass, made in Czech Republic, with all its amazing properties and both were completely sold on the benefits it offers. After about 3 weeks of testing it out they both thought they were getting the flu, until Julie had the thought that it kinda felt like she was detoxing. That’s when she realized the healing sun energy from the violet glass water was detoxing them both. 

Jack also knew of Julie’s love and study of the 5 Chinese elements and realized the system already had 3 of the elements and that if he could craft a band from wood and metal it would include all 5. So Jack lovingly brings the 5 Chinese elements to the bottle with his hand crafted intention bands, engraved with an intention, and made from high quality, sustainable bamboo with pure copper ends. 

How to Use:

Step 1 – Fill the violet bottle with tap or filtered water. Place in direct sunlight for 1 hour, if using the 2L size place in the sun for 2 hours. 

Step 2 – Tie your intention band onto the clear glass water bottle, lacing it up like a shoe.

    1. Lace up by pulling each end of the hemp through the bottom holes on each side coming from back to front. Your hemp is long enough to lace up the next 2 holes.
    2. Now make sure to put the band around your glass bottle to lace up the remaining 4 holes to keep it from bending too far, in your hand,  and breaking in half.
    3. When you are finished lacing up the last holes, pull it tight and tie it in a bow, as you would a shoelace. 
    4. Tie a knot in each string a bit down from the bow to prevent it from going back through the hole when you take it off. Cut off the excess hemp. 

Step 3 – Bring the violet water in, out of the sun, after an hour, and pour 1 cup of the violet water into the clear water bottle, with your intention band.  Fill the bottle the rest of the way with the tap or filtered water you are using. The vibration will spread throughout the added water, no need to use all of your violet water. 

Step 4 – Congratulations to having water that tastes wonderful and can fully be utilized in your body! 

Enjoy your viiWater even more by saying this little mantra, by Dr. Emoto, whenever you drink it: 

Water we LOVE you,
Water we are GRATEFUL,
Water we have RESPECT. 


Q - Can I put the violet bottle in my window?

A – Yes as long as it is in direct sunlight. It is best to use a window that gets the morning sunlight coming directly in. It will also take 2 hours instead of one to fully energize the water. 

Q - Does the violet bottle filter out all harmful chemicals and bacteria?

A – The violet bottle does change the structure of the water, but has not been tested specifically for bacteria and chemicals that may be in your tap water. It is best to use a filter to make sure all chemicals are removed that you may not want in your drinking water. viiWater is about adding energy and vitality to your water. 

Q - Will my violet bottle break if the weather is too hot or cold?

A – The violet bottle has been tested in hot and cold weather and been fine. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, from hot to cold or from cold to hot.  If you have it out in 100 degree weather for more than an hour, you will want to make sure it is brought to room temperature before putting it in the fridge. Also if it is left out in the cold and freezes, it is best to put it in the refrigerator to thaw instead of on a warm countertop area. 

Q - I like my water cold, can I put my viiWater in the fridge?

A – It is perfectly fine to put it in the fridge. It can lose some of the energy charge if it is near any electrical outlet, so put the water on a bottom shelf or in the door away from the light. Also keep it a foot away from the outlets on the counter.  

Q - Will it still work if it’s cloudy outside?

A – Yes, it will just take 2 hours instead of 1. 

Q - If I don’t want to carry a glass bottle around, what can I do?

A – It is perfectly fine to pour your viiWater into another water bottle, metal is the best option. When you drink your water, make sure to save about 8 ounces and fill it back up with any water and it will energize all of the water in about 15 minutes, depending on how big your water bottle is. 

Q - Can I put the intention band on the violet bottle?

A – Yes you can put the intention band on your violet bottle after it is infused with the sun. You will want to make sure nothing is on the surface of your violet bottle when it is in the sunlight. 

Q - Can I leave the black neoprene sleeve on the clear bottle with my intention?

A – I would not suggest leaving the neoprene sleeve on the clear bottle, because it is manmade and will take away from the balance of the 5 elements incorporated into the water. 

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